Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have four pets right now! They are two puppies and two female dogs. The first one, and my favorite is Almendra, and i have her since one and a half year ago. The second one is Lulu, and she is in my familyu since the summer of this year. The puppies are called Hansel and Gretel (like Grimms brothers stories). The puppies were born four months ago, and are of Almendra.
I think that people keep pets because they are a good company, in fact, some people think that they even are loyal (sometimes more that people).
Dogs are good pets, and cats too. I prefer dogs because they are more loving and friendly.
About the idea of that pets owners live longer, i think that is possible but not sure. I mean, when people have any pet they don't feel to alone sometimes, and pets don't need nothing else that eat and love. Pets aren't complicated, and they are lovely!. Besides, the reason to have pets is that you'll enjoy with them, so if anytime you doesn't have it you shouldn't keep with a pet.
A important point is that to have pets you have to be prepared to take care of them, because they are living, and they suffer just like an human been.


The new i choose for this task was called "Oklahoma abortion law to put patients' details online". It appears in The Guardian, on october 18.


The new is about a new abotion law that gonna rule on the state of Oklahoma, USA. The new law says that all women that want to abort in that state, have to give private information to the doctor about herself.
Woman have to bring information about their age, marital status and education levels, as well as the number of previous pregnancies and abortions. Moreover, women have to talk about their relationship with the father, the reason to do an abort, and the place where it is realized. They never give their names to the doctor, but in the state of Oklahoma there's a small population, so is easy find out who is who.
Then that woman give this information, the doctor is obligated to give the information to the Oklahoma Health Department. This department post this information in a public website.
The sponsor of that lawis the Republican state senator Todd Lamb. He said that the have to give inform to women, because that baby could possible be a Nobel Prize when he/she grown up.
There's groups that support the abort, and they say that it's an unusual law, and it's gonna makes that women will be still more nervious about aborts in Oklahoma, specially because the information is important and publish since now.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The statue of John Paul II in Bellavista.

I'm against the proyect. I'm against the statue because i think that is too big for a little space like that, and will look grotesque. Besides, i think that the statue won't be a contribution to the square, because we already have the new building of Universidad San Sebastian, that makes look horrible to the neighborhood. I think that USS building is an imitation to our building, did you notice it? The roof is red like our, and the wall makes feel the same.
In other way, i think that the statue is a waste of money. It coste $400 millions! it is enough money to impulse usefull ideas, relevant proyects.
The university that pays the pope statue is the same one that imitate our building. USS is completaly catholic, you just need pay attention to the name. Our university is known like secular. The instalation of this statue in from of our university seems a incitiment to our bealieves. In a general way, no all the country is catholic, so put the biggest statue of the world that has been ever dedicated to the pope in a public place isn't pluralistic.
For all the reason i gave, if i was the mayor of Recoleta i surely said NO! The neighborhood isn't agree with the proyect any way. I think that the statue don't bring something for the neighborhood by itself. I think that on this square should exist a place to the family, neutral ideologically speaking.
I'm not against the pope figure, his work like pope or something like that., but i think that put a giant statue like that is a crime to the urban city.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Transantiago: Before and after.

When Transantiago system begun, i was in the school. I live to one hour of Providencia (where was my school and now the university) and every morning i run to don't lost the bus. However, the old public transport was so bad like Transantiago in a beginning, so from this point of view is very similar. The busses now are worn with the years of use, but the yellow busses was disgusting because they contaminated all the streets. New busses doesn't.

Transantiago is better because you can do the next combination paying once: three busses plus subway once or four busses. You just must take all of them in two hours. However, when you use the new public transport sometimes you have to take two busses for arrive to somewhere. In my case, i have to take two busses everyday to come, and then two busses to come back at home. Sometimes it makes me feel more tired because i have to wait more time that before, just because i have to wait twice.
The drivers now are more polite, because they have a contract that they have to accept and respect. Now the owners of the busses aren't they like before.
The main chance i could make for make better the system is improve the frequence of the busses and the quantity of them in the streets on pick hours. The people at the end of the day is already tired of their jobs and study places, so come back at home is the last thing they want to lead with.

A country i'd like to visit

Hi! Welcome again to my blog. It was of the last term, and i still have my old tasks.
About this new task, i have no doubts about the country: England.
First of all, i choose this country because i think is the most cosmopolitan country of Europe, and maybe of all the world. I think that the capital of England, London, is a great city because have a big size and on it there's millions of different people, that come from Europe, America, and other continents for different reasons. Some of them travel to England becuase they are looking for a job, other people go to studying in colleges of important level, like Cambrigde or Oxford. Other people are turists that want to know this country because have known futball teams or because in England has born important music bands, some of them are almost miticals, like The Beatles.
In my case, i want to visit England because i think that this country is really rich in cultural topics and have the best schools of the world. I has always want to visit the Stonehenge, a prehistorical monument that consist on several stones stand by their own in the middle of a green landscape, in the south of the island. Maybe this is the first thing i knew about England, and since then i has want to visit this beautiful country. Besides, my favorites music bands are from Teingmouth, Denvon and from Basildon, Essex.
I want to study in Oxford or Cambrigde to continue learning law in a different culture, and can compare the society. About living there, i think i could live there for some years but not all my life because i love Chile and i want to meet all countries that i can.
If i go there is because i think that the main way to meet want we perciebed like interesting is going there, have a lot of experiences and enjoy all the chances we have actually to travel around the world.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The best in my area.

In spite of is difficult decided just one person, i think that Jaime Williams Benavente must have this place on my blog.

Jaime Williams is a lawyer of PUC (1966) and he teach Introduction to Law in our University, besides philosophy too.

I pick him because i think the have a great knowlegde about juridic system of Chile. I read sometime ago a book he wrote that talk about Law. On it he explane of a really easy way all i should know like "mechona". Besides, he can be able of explane the doctrines completelly oppossite and makes us (to the readers) choose a option without problem, because he is a objetive writter.

Another think i want to make note is that he teach really well, something that inspire you when you're in summer school and have to decide the university you gonna study next 5 years of your life.
The is dedicated to teach in others universities the same topics that he teach in here. Few teachers don't do that.

Sir Ken Robinson talk

The talk that made Sir Ken Robinson introduce us in a important topic that is the creativity and schools, how those themes are related, no in a good way.

Basically, he talk to us that schools kill creativity. For example, the society always gonna prefer a profesional compare with an artist. So, all activities that kids learn in school are related with university, like the future all of them should follow any day. Of course, Robinson said that university and traditional career aren't the only way of life: being painter, dancer, writter however don't represent a good choice for the person and for the society, actually.
The public education system produce people without hability for think behind the world shows. Students just are able of memorice and get just the necessary to live, they don't produce something else that static knowlegde.